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Research Employers - By City and Industry

Find and research British Columbia employers you want to work for by City and Industry, or by City, or Industry. Mark employers best meeting your needs as Targeted.

Research Decision Makers - Finding and Targeting Decision Makers/ Hiring Managers

Find and Research Decision Makers working for your Targeted Employers to identify people most likely to be your bosses and how to earn their attention. Mark them as Targeted.

Research Employers - By Company Name, Address and Postal Code

Find and research employers by Company Name, Address and Postal Code.

Research Employers - Searching LinkedIn

Quickly and easily learn more about listed employers and find new ones using JobPro Directory's LinkedIn employer research tools.

Research Employers - Google X-Ray Search

JobPro Directory's built-in Google X-Ray Search helps you quickly learn what's important to employers and their decision makers.

Research Employers - Searching Industry Association Websites

Search JobPro Directory's over 370 Association & Society websites for membership lists featuring Decision Makers & their direct contact information, employer descriptions, industry news and networking opportunities.

Research Employers - Searching Employer Websites

Search employer websites to find products and services, short and long term goals, number of employees, organizational structure, typical career path, use of technology, annual sales, organization history and potential growth for employer and industry.

Research Employers - Searching Industry Canada

Learn more about employers searching the Innovation, Science and Economic Development Canada (formerly Industry Canada) directory. Find the names of key decision makers and their direct contact information in this Government of Canada directory.

Research Employers - Searching WhoIs Database

Search WhoIs domain name registration information to find the key technical contact at small employers. Results may include name, legal company name, address, phone and email.

Research Employers - Confirming Street Addresses

Avoid the embarrassment of addressing your correspondence incorrectly, or worse, going to the wrong place for an interview by confirming their street address in one click.

Research Employers - Viewing Employer Website History

Learn employer history how and they have evolved over time to gain a competive edge over other job seekers not "following" them.

Research Employers - Viewing Employer Websites

Open employer websites in your browser in one click to learn what they say about themselves. Automatically translate them into your favourite language if English isn't your preference.

Research Employers - Creating Targeted Employer Lists

Mark prospective employers for further employer and Decision Maker research and targeting to group together employers you want to focus on. Do this for up to three simultaneous job searches.

Research Decision Makers - Finding More Decision Makers on LinkedIn

Search LinkedIn to find additional Decision Makers and know who your employer contact should be - without a Premium LinkedIn membership.

Research Decision Makers - Creating A Targeted Decision Maker List

Create your Targeted Decision Maker List in one click. Includes full Decision Maker details. Optionally includes Employer Descriptions, Job Search Action Plans and Distance/ Time from your home.

Research Decision Makers - Selecting Targeted Decision Maker List Options

Easily set Decision Maker Targeting options to include an Employer Description, Job Search Action Plan and Distance/ Time from your home.

Research Decision Makers - Finding Key Decision Maker LinkedIn Profiles

Search LinkedIn to find and confirm Decision Maker profiles so you know you're contacting the right person.

Research Decision Makers - Finding Email Addresses

Find Decision Maker Email Addresses to contact them directly.

Research Decision Makers - Google X-Ray Search

Google X-Ray Search helps you quickly learn more about Decision Makers to make a great first impression.

Research Decision Makers - Searching WhoIs DB

Search the WhoIs domain name registration database to learn more about Decision Makers, especially those in small companies.

Research Decision Makers - Searching Industry Canada Directory

Learn more about Decision Makers searching the Innovation, Science and Economic Development Canada (formerly Industry Canada) directory. Find names and direct contact information.

Sell Yourself - Active Interviewing

Active Interviewing is a powerful job interview strategy by Eric Kramer, career coach and job interview/ networking expert helping job candidates win job interviews and land jobs.

Sell Yourself - How to Win Job Interviews

How to interview and win jobs using easily implemented interview strategies. Eric Kramer also explains how to answer tough interview questions and turn interviews into conversations.

Sell Yourself - Good, Simple Strategies for Winning Interviews

Interview expert Eric Kramer shares winning interview strategies you need to use to be competitive and get hired. Learn how to impress employers and get job offers.

Sell Yourself - Interview Presentations That Get You Hired

Create interview presentations selling you as the best solution to an employer's problems by communicating how you are a great match with the job requirements.

Sell Yourself - Send Follow-Through Letters Or Miss Opportunities To Stand Out

Send a Follow-Through letter to everyone with whom you interviewed. Include an understanding of the needs of the organization and a statement of how you will fill those needs once hired.

Sell Yourself - Provide An Employment Proposal Instead of Your Résumé

Denise Bissonnette gives a brief overview of one of the cornerstone strategies in her approach to entrepreneurial job development.

Sell Yourself - How to Create Job Opportunities Within the Hidden Job Market

Talk to Everybody you know about the type of job you want. Be specific. Always have your 10 second pitch ready. Ask if they know anyone who's hiring every time you talk with someone.

Sell Yourself - Sinead English on Networking to Access the Hidden Job Market

Wage a creative, active job search campaign to uncover job opportunities and take advantage of employment opportunities based on how most employers hire.

Sell Yourself - There Are Only 3 Job Interview Questions - Do You Know Them?

Are you interested in and motivated for this position? Can you do the job and do it well? Can you fit into the culture of the company and will co-workers like you?

Sell Yourself - Do You Know How to Ask Good Interview Questions?

Ask: "Based on my background and skills, what do you think would be the greatest challenges for me in this position?" and address those challenges or objections during your interview.

Sell Yourself - Focus on the Process For Best Interview Results

The outcome of the interview is beyond your control, so focus on the process of preparing and participating in the interview. Being prepared and managing the process well is all you can do.

Map Employers - Setting Up Employer Mapping

Avoid wasting time targeting employers too far from your home by setting up Employer Mapping for near-instant Home-to-Employer route mapping and travel times.

Map Employers - Mapping Locations and Routes With Google Maps

Map Employers locations and Home-to-Employer routes to avoid applying to employers away from public transit or having lengthy commute times.

Map Employers - Mapping Locations and Routes With Microsoft MapPoint

Microsoft MapPoint is useful but discontinued software mapping single and multiple employer locations and routes.

Infographic - Finding Employers by Industry and City

Find Employers by Industry and City in four quick steps

Infographic - Using Google X-Ray Search

Research Decision Makers using Google X-Ray Search

Infographic - Finding Decision Maker LinkedIn Profiles

Find Decision Maker LinkedIn Profiles

Infographic - Displaying Distance & Time to Employers

Display Distance & Time to any Employer

Infographic - Using Google X-Ray Search

Research Decision Makers using Google X-Ray Search

Infographic - Using Google X-Ray Search

Research Decision Makers using Google X-Ray Search

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