• 18 January، 2022 5:47 pm
  • Purlin, Germany
$1,600per month

Location : Germany, Dortmund , Rheda-Wiedenbück

Salary : up to 1600 €

Company : Hammersmith New

Type : Agency (Lithuania)

Contact person : Jacobs Arklis

Phone : +37068442260


Vacancy description

We offer work at the Factory for people with and without experience in the processing and packaging of pork meat. The employer provides housing and all social insurances (health insurance, pensions, etc.) in accordance with the German system.

In meat dismantling departments, wages are as follows:

Packers : 9.60 netto + for night shifts.

Forwarders: 9.60 netto + bonus can reach up to 12.50 € netto

Bone cutters from meat: 10.50 netto + premiums up to 13.50 € netto

After 5 working days, you can receive an advance payment of 100 €.

The contract will be signed directly with the employer and will comply with the German labor code and legislation.

Requirements: recommended age under 55, physical fitness and medical health, no work experience. We are looking for hardworking and disciplined people.

Location: Reda Wiedenbruck, Germany.

We provide accommodation: Payment 210 € per person. Accommodation will be deducted from wages.

Only 2 people per room.

Transportation costs can be reimbursed after the start of work.

You need to take with you: bed linen, pillow, blanket, dishes and other things for cooking.

We guarantee paid holidays, and the possibility of receiving a family allowance (KINDERGELD)!!!

Earnings: month in total from 1350 to 2100 € net/month depending on hours worked.

Working hours: 7-9 hours a day, 5-6 days a week.

dressing department 1 shift from 4 or 5 am to 13-14 second shift from 14:30 from 15 00 to 24: 00 or until 23:30.

Packing from 5-6 am to 1530 16:00 second shift from 16:00 to 01:00 to 24:30

Knowledge of German is not required.


  • Job Type : Other
  • Industry : General Labour
  • Salary : 1600/2100
  • Educational Specialization : Others

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