• 24 January، 2022 2:35 am
  • Purlin, Germany

Location : Germany, Berlin

Salary : 10.2€/hour net

Company : FLP Sergey

Type : Agency (Germany)

Contact person :Sergey Serneevich

Vacancy description

Hello everybody.

I want to offer you a good vacancy, where I work myself and am currently on vacation.

You can travel from Ukraine together

The company I work for is engaged in catering. This is food delivery, in general, we also have off-site orders. Buffets, banquets, etc.

But basically what we do every day is cooking and food delivery. These are both set meals, business lunches, and a diet menu.

There is no difficulty in work and something that can be hidden. Quite adequate work and a very good and honest salary. Net rate 10.2 € / hour

Agree, this is good enough. Personally, I work before that for 14 zlotys, then I will say that the difference is significant.

Plus, we have free food and free housing. (We pay only a communal apartment, about 40-60 €, depending on the season).

With regards to housing, the spring has been refurbished.

We have our own 4 storey house.

On each floor there are three rooms, a bathroom, a balcony. There are 3 people in a room and seed couples live together in a room.

Free internet, wifi on every floor.

We work on Polish visas, it is possible by biometrics. But registration through our Polish company and business trips is obligatory.

Whatever you are not afraid to go out, we work legally

My interest is that I accompany at all stages, I transfer the documents for work, you will tell me only after you get a job. Whoever is from Ukraine, you can go together, I will go somewhere on the 10th-15th of February

The cost of my work is 150 €, I do not take an advance payment. We settled down, settled in, everything was okay, then they put 150 € on my table)) so I think it will be honest and fair.

As for the documents, if anyone needs an invitation for a visa. Leave a response to the vacancy, write briefly about yourself. Age, gender, citizenship, how many people and viber phone number. And I will contact you in my free time, give your questions answers.


  • Job Type : Other
  • Industry : General Labour
  • Salary : 10€
  • Educational Specialization : Others



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