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Hello and welcome to this introduction to JobPro BC Employers Directory. I’m Brian Hauk, a User Experience Designer/Developer, and here to guide you through the process of using JobPro Directory (JobPro) to save time finding your next job using its British Columbia employer database and useful, easy to use employer research and self-marketing tools.

Whether you are a British Columbia Employment Services Provider finding jobs for clients, or job seeker working to create your next job opportunity, I will show you how to use JobPro to find and target employers and decision makers/ influencers based on your interests, career goals, work experience, skills/aptitudes and education.

We’ll begin by looking at how to find relevant employers and decision makers searching JobPro’s employer database, and then I will show you how to use its employer research and self-marketing tools.

You will learn how to:

  • Quickly and easily confirm existing decision maker/ influencer names and find new ones
  • Discover what’s important to employers and decision makers using integrated Google X-Ray Search
  • Find decision maker direct email address and employer email address formats
  • Build a strong network by connecting with people you should get to know who may be willing to introduce or recommend you to decision makers and influencers working with your targeted employers - when you ask for their advice and assistance.
  • Create and send personalized, template-based, easily modified cover letters and employment proposals to named decision makers using your email account in two clicks.
  • Create personalized, template-based, easily modified Microsoft Word cover letters and employment proposals in one click.
  • Display commuting time and distance to avoid wasting time applying to distant employers.
  • Map employer locations and routes in one click

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NOT DISCUSSED is the importance of measuring your success and changing something if you're not achieving your job search milestones and goals. For example, you may need to improve your cover letter, résumé or employment proposal, follow-up "cold calling" script, or select better employer contacts if you are not getting interviews or invitations to meet while contacting your targeted decision makers.

Talk to your local job search assistance/ employment services provider or explore these ideas on how to impress employers when you need help. See all JobPro Directory tutorials.

Thanks for watching.

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