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Welcome to this series of JobPro Directory tutorials on finding the job you want faster. My name is Brian Hauk, and I am going to introduce you to JobPro Directory and how to use it to efficiently find and create job opportunities with local employers. Just like in a cooking show, we'll follow a recipe to create something special: the job you want and need to improve your life.

You will see how to use JobPro Directory employer listings and employer research tools to identify employers best matching your interests, work experience and career building requirements. To do this, and what makes this important goal obtainable, is the fact that you need only to Successfully Identify and Target One Employer and One Decision Maker. Only One out of the thousands of employers and decision makers listed in JobPro Directory!

You will learn how to use JobPro Directory to save time finding employers by industry category and geographic area like city and postal code, or simply by name if you have some in mind. And then you will learn how to target several employers and create Job Search Action Plans for each of them.

As part of qualifying employers, you will see how to use JobPro Directory to almost instantly learn the commuting distance/time from your home to any employer's location to avoid wasting time targeting employers outside of what you consider to be a reasonable commuting distance (if you won't be working from home).

You will Research Employers to Identify Decision Makers you need to connect with to get the job you want. Series tutorials show you how to quickly and easily confirm and expand upon JobPro Directory's employer and decision maker information - after you decide you'd like to work with them - to avoid wasting your time.

You will then use your expanded knowledge of their businesses and the problems/challenges they face, combined with your knowledge of their common, non-work interests (like running, car restoration, etc.) to brand and sell yourself as a good, likeable solution to their problems.

In doing this you should be able to anticipate what your targeted employers/ decision makers consider a "good fit" with their organizations and existing teams, knowing they are more likely to hire you when they feel they know, like and trust you as someone eager to work with them who's also capable of energizing their current employees.

In summary, you will learn how to use JobPro Directory to:

  1. Find and Research Employers to identify those you want to work for - by city, industry, company name, postal code, street or keywords. Mark them as Targeted Employers.
  2. Find and Research Their Decision Makers & Influencers to identify the people most likely to hire you or help you get hired. Mark them as Targeted Contacts.
  3. Sell Yourself to Your Targeted Contacts using your knowledge of what's likely to make a great first impression with them. Then follow-up to maximize your chances of being hired.

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NOT DISCUSSED is the importance of measuring your success and changing something if you're not achieving your job search milestones and goals. For example, you may need to improve your cover letter, résumé or employment proposal, follow-up "cold calling" script, or select better employer contacts if you are not getting interviews or invitations to meet while contacting your targeted decision makers.

Talk to your local job search assistance/ employment services provider or explore these ideas on how to impress employers when you need help. See all JobPro Directory tutorials.

Thanks for watching.

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