Hakim Optical Sold Me glasses I can not use and refused to refund my money!

Hakim Optical Review

            7155 Kingsway #130, Burnaby, BC V5E 2V1         604 636-2020  



This document detailing my attempts to obtain usable glasses from Hakim Optical is provided solely to the recipients named below to share my experience as a new Hakim Optical customer, and has not been otherwise distributed or disclosed as of January 13, 2016.


January 13, 2016


             TO:       Bijan Minbashian, Vice President, Operations       bijan.m@hakimoptical.ca customerservice@hakimoptical.ca 

              CC:     John Worden, Vice President Marketing                  john.worden@hakimoptical.ca

              CC:     Lukmanul Hakim, Social Media                              hakim.social@gmail.com 

             CC: Sara Namaz, Regional Manager     sara.n@hakimoptical.ca


Dear Bijan Minbashian,


Anyone Googling "Hakim Optical review" will almost instantly see that this supplier of frames and lenses is not doing well in social media reviews provided by its customers (and possibly also a few optical industry competitors trying to benefit from genuine customer dissatisfaction by adding their fake complaints to the mix).


My experience as a first time Hakim Optical customer

As a first time Hakim Optical customer (November, 2015), I am beginning to understand why. Let me tell you my story - my experience with Hakim Optical's 7155 Kingsway #130, Burnaby, BC location - to help you decide whether buying glasses from Hakim Optical is a mistake, or if I was simply unlucky to receive glasses I can't use - after paying Hakim Optical $589.00 for two pair of progressive lenses and frames.


What I did to work with Hakim Optical in an attempt to obtain usable glasses

I asked Gill, your Kingsway and Edmunds Burnaby store manager what he can do for me and he said he'll adjust them. I'm convinced Hakim's lens design isn't working for me and didn't waste my time having them adjusted again, because a few millimeters in or out, up or down doesn't improve my vision. I then realized Gill likely wasn’t going to do the right thing and refund my money.


What I did to finally obtain quality, low cost glasses

That was one week ago, when I couldn’t wait any longer for quality glasses and easily bought a pair online using the same prescription. The result is that I can finally see clearly and easily again!

What I would like Hakim Optical to do for me  

I'd like to know Hakim Optical's return policy on lenses and frames not meeting my needs because I'm unable to see clearly and have tired eyes using Hakim Optical lenses.


Please confirm that I and other Hakim Optical clients have the opportunity to receive a full refund when we can not see clearly after providing Hakim Optical with several opportunities to resolve issues. Then authorize Gill, your  Burnaby Hakim Optical (203) store manager [130 - 7155 Kingsway] to issue me a full refund. 

Best regards, and thank you for your interest in making things right.

Brian Hauk

Burnaby, British Columbia 

Tel. 778 834-9424



P.S. The following email sent to Hakim Optical documents my first attempt at informing your company that Hakim Optical lenses were not meeting my needs and that I needed better lenses:


Store Manager

Burnaby Hakim Optical (203)

130 - 7155 Kingsway 

Burnaby BC  V5E 2V1 Phone: 604-636-2020




December 10, 2015


RE: Feedback following my recent purchase of glasses / Review of my experience with Hakim Optical (Burnaby) Lenses




I have a cold which makes it difficult to speak, and so instead of calling you, I'm sending you this note to share some observations following my purchase of lenses and frames from you last month. The good news is that I should be able to speak with you tomorrow! 


The reason I share this detailed feedback is provide you with an opportunity to continue to deliver excellent customer service by providing me with lenses (very similar to my old lenses from Sears Optical) enabling me to see clearly again! 


Please let me know what you are prepared to do to help me, and what I need to do. For example, do you need me to show you my previous lenses which closely meet my needs?



Best regards, and talk with you soon!




Brian Hauk    bccontactsdirectory@gmail.com   

778 834-9424


December 10, 2015


I purchased prescription, progressive lens glasses from Hakim Optical on Kingsway in November, 2015, and chose Hakim’s Burnaby location because they offered a much better selection of frames than Sears Optical, where I purchased my last two pairs. The good news was that they were ready within one week. My first impression in trying them when I picked them up was that they had a significantly narrower field of clear vision for distant objects. I mentioned this to the sales manager who told me this was likely “just in my head,” and something I’d get used to after wearing them for a week. 


I liked their great pre-sale customer service and agreed that the real test was to wear them for an extended period, and did for two weeks. During this time it became clear to me that these Hakim lenses were significantly inferior to my very blurry, old pair of glasses from Sears having the exact same prescription in one eye, and a very minor change in prescription in the other. [Backgrounder: the only reason I purchased new glasses was because the coating on the lenses had deteriorated and made them blurry. This may have happened because I made the mistake of using mild hand soap to clean them].


What surprised me is that the Hakim glasses costing $100 more than those from Sears Optical didn’t enable me to see nearly as clearly as my old glasses. This was true for both distance, where my field of clear vision was significantly limited, and especially apparent when viewing close up objects like text on my phone, which was nearly impossible to read using Hakim lenses. I’d rate these Hakim lenses 3/10 compared to my 9/10 Sears Optical lenses. My next step is to give Hakim the opportunity to keep me satisfied by replacing these lenses with ones equal to, or better than those from Sears Optical, because I find my new Hakim lenses don’t enable me to see clearly and need replacing ASAP.


Recent reviews award this Hakim Optical store at 7155 Kingsway only 1 star. 



Brian Hauk <bccontactsdirectory@gmail.com>                                                                Fri, Jan 15, 2016 

To: Sedi Minachi <sedigheh.minachi@gmail.com>

Cc: "sara.n" <sara.n@hakimoptical.ca>, john.worden@hakimoptical.ca, bijan.m@hakimoptical.ca, customerservice@hakimoptical.ca, Hakim Optical Social Media Account <hakim.social@gmail.com>, accounting@hakimoptical.ca, gm@hakimoptical.ca



Hi Sedi!


Thank you so much for your kind offer of sharing your ideas for useful action should Hakim Optical not do the right thing and issue me a full refund.


I suggest we wait until later today before taking action, because I'm still slightly optimistic that Hakim Optical's Bijan Minbashian, Vice President, Operations and Karim Hakimi, Founder, Owner and Super Rich Guy will see value in protecting Hakim's reputation and brand, which seems to be bathed in mostly bad internet reviews.


In the event Hakim Optical doesn't do what's right, and gives us no option other than to warn others of my experience, I'm thinking the following organizations and methods may be of value:


*  The Better Business Bureau

*  CBC MarketPlace / Fifth Estate investigative reports and consumer advocacy

*  Mainstream media investigative journalists known for uncovering bad business practices

*  Contacting consumer rights advocates

*  Yelp and other business review websites

*  Various consumer complaint blogs and websites, Twitter, Facebook, etc.

*  Outreach to competitors like Clearly Contacts to help educate about alternative approaches to customer service, and to assist in the development of better business practices and business role models.


Best regards, thanks again, and I look forward to collaborating with you on this educational campaign if necessary!




Brian Hauk

[Quoted text hidden]



Sedi Minachi <sedigheh.minachi@gmail.com>                                                                Fri, Jan 15, 2016 

Reply-To: sedigheh.minachi@gmail.com

To: Brian Hauk <bccontactsdirectory@gmail.com>

Cc: "sara.n" <sara.n@hakimoptical.ca>, john.worden@hakimoptical.ca,

bijan.m@hakimoptical.ca, customerservice@hakimoptical.ca, Hakim Optical Social Media Account <hakim.social@gmail.com>, accounting@hakimoptical.ca, gm@hakimoptical.ca


Hi Brian,


My pleasure. I would also add Consumer Protection of Canada and Consumer Protection of BC to the list of places that we need to file the complaint.


Best of luck,



Sedi Minachi, PhD Education

604 790-4002


[Quoted text hidden]



sara.n <sara.n@hakimoptical.ca>                                                                                      Fri, Jan 15, 2016 

To: Brian Hauk <bccontactsdirectory@gmail.com>

Cc: John Worden <John.Worden@hakimoptical.ca>, Bijan Minbashian <bijan.m@hakimoptical.ca>, Hakim High Gate <store203@hakimoptical.ca>, Jenna Furtado <gm@hakimoptical.ca>


Hello Brian


I have looked into your order and I would like to explain to you the followings:

1- The extra $100 that you paid on your second pair was to upgrade you from regular 1.5 index ( regular thickness) to 1.6 index (thinner lenses).


2- You ordered the glasses in November and the lab made them according to the prescription that your optometrist had given you.


3- Due to difficulty reading at a certain distance Gill, the store manager offered you to get your prescription rechecked and tell your optometrist what distance you wish to read at and that if your optometrist changes your prescription this will be done at no extra cost to you.


4- You brought a new prescription in December and the new lenses according to the new prescription were made for you at no extra cost.


5- You picked them up and mentioned that the new pairs were good and you were happy with them.


6- You came back a few days later and asked to be refunded because you didn't like them and they were of no use to you.


6- You also said that our Premium HD progressive lenses were inferior and there was nothing wrong with the prescription.


7-You also mentioned that your old Sears glasses are much better and that you have purchased glasses on line and are much happier with them.


8-     I offered you to choose any other lens design you wish, as Hakim Optical offers many different brands such as Nikon, Zeiss, Rodenstock and etc that are available in the market.


We don't limit our clients to our own brand, however our own brand is a Swiss design lens and majority of our clients  (including myself and my family and friends ) are wearing them with no problem.


So if you wish to go to a different brand of progressives suggested by your optometrist which is not an exclusive house brand to them we can get it for you and you just have to pay the difference.


9-     I spoke to Gill and he is 100% sure that the prescription and measurements are done properly and accordingly.


9- You have also gone out of your way to let us know about bad reviews on the internet.


As I am sure you are a person who does enough research, I am pretty sure that you know of many bad reviews on Sears Optical, Lens Crafters, Pearl Vision and many other big companies by reviewers on the internet, as people are absolutely free and entitled to their own opinions.

However, Hakim Optical has always in the past 48 years tried to keep the clients happy and meet their needs within reason.


10-  At this point, since we have made your glasses according to the optometrist's prescription and all the measurements match the required ones we can't offer you a refund.


11-  However, the management can offer you a credit for your next purchase. The lenses we made for you are custom made to your prescription and measued fir the specific frames they are of no use for anyone else.




Hakim Optical Management.

        Brian Hauk <bccontactsdirectory@gmail.com>                                                             Sun, Jan 17, 2016 

To: "sara.n" <sara.n@hakimoptical.ca>

Cc: John Worden <John.Worden@hakimoptical.ca>, Bijan Minbashian <bijan.m@hakimoptical.ca>, Hakim


Gate <store203@hakimoptical.ca>, Jenna Furtado <gm@hakimoptical.ca>, Sedi Minachi <sedigheh.minachi@gmail.com>, Hakim Optical <hakim.social@gmail.com>


Hello Sara,


Thank you for letting me know that John Worden, VP, Marketing and Bijan Minbashina, VP, Operations, and others (possibly even owner Karim Hakimi?) in Hakim Optical management decided not to issue me a refund for glasses not meeting my needs. As I explained, at no time was I satisfied with the glasses I purchased from Hakim Optical, and I never said I was happy with them. The second pair was better than the first, but still far from being useful.


How could I be happy glasses which don't enable me to see clearly and make it difficult for me to work? How could I be happy after paying almost $600 for glasses I can't use?


Wouldn't you expect the same full refund if you purchased glasses from a company and you still couldn't see clearly after paying them $600? I'd expect dollar store glasses to not meet my needs, but it's different, and I have higher expectations of professionalism and quality - when I purchase expensive glasses from a name brand like Hakim Optical.


After two months of not being able to see clearly, and failing in my several attempts to obtain proper lenses from Hakim Optical, I had no choice but to purchase glasses from a Hakim Optical competitor. You can now understand why I don't value any Hakim Optical store credit, and am only interested in obtaining an immediate and full refund.I hope Hakim Optical management takes advantage of this opportunity to do the right thing, and what most consumers in Canada would expect from a reputable company.


Best regards,



Brian Hauk

      Brian Hauk <bccontactsdirectory@gmail.com>                                                              Mon, Jan 18, 2016 

To: "sara.n" <sara.n@hakimoptical.ca>

Cc: John Worden <John.Worden@hakimoptical.ca>, Bijanspan Minbashian <bijan.m@hakimoptical.ca>, Hakim High Gate <store203@hakimoptical.ca>, Jenna Furtado <gm@hakimoptical.ca>, Sedi Minachi

<sedigheh.minachi@gmail.com>, Hakim Optical <hakim.social@gmail.com>, customerservice@hakimoptical.ca, fifthtips@cbc.ca




January 18, 2016


Letter in response to Hakim Optical refusing to refund my money


           TO: Bijan Minbashian, Vice President, Operations        bijan.m@hakimoptical.ca

           CC:     John Worden, Vice President Marketing                john.worden@hakimoptical.ca

           CC:     Lukmanul Hakim, Social Media                             hakim.social@gmail.com

     CC: Sara Namaz, Regional Manager, sara.n@hakimoptical.ca

     CC:   Jenna Furtado,                gm@hakimoptical.cacustomerservice@hakimoptical.ca
CC: CBC Fifth Estate Investigative Consumer Reports story submission



Dear Bijan Minbashian,


Thank you for letting me know you believe there is no reason to refund my money, even though I can't see clearly after paying Hakim Optical almost $600 for glasses I can't use. I hope that your refusal to meet customer needs is not standard business practice among Canadian optical suppliers, and believe most people would steer clear of Hakim Optical if they knew how you are treating me (and presumably other?) Hakim Optical customers.


Does the customer come first at Hakim Optical? What's Hakim Optical's real customer service / return policy?

While other companies claim that their approach to customer service comes from a belief that the customer comes first, or that the customer is always right, or they that are customer focused, or driven to meet customer needs, sometimes even to the extent of wowing customers and exceeding customer expectations, and by providing remarkably wonderful customer experiences, you and other management at Hakim Optical have told me "there is no reason to give you a refund,"  in sharp contrast to what I believe are standard Canadian consumer expectations and expected business ethics. How do you think most people hearing my story would describe Hakim Optical's customer service / return policy?


Where's the problem?

The problem is with the Hakim Optical-supplied lens design and not the prescription.

How do I know this?

Because as I mentioned (below), after failing in multiple attempts to receive the lenses I needed from Hakim Optical, I was forced to purchase glasses having the same prescription elsewhere, and received glasses enabling me to see clearly and without eyestrain. The only difference was the lens design, not the prescription. Please try to understand this.


Why is it important for you and Hakim Optical to try to make all customers happy, even when your product doesn't meet their needs?

Because it's the right thing to do, and because it makes the most business sense!


What's the the best approach to resolving this customer issue?

Do what makes this customer and all customers happy.


What's the only ethical decision you can make?

See above.


What's clearly the best business decision for building the Hakim Optical brand?

See above.



Best regards, and I hope this helps you focus on better meeting customer needs, Brian Hauk,

*These Hakim Optical-supplied lenses may work for some people, but didn't meet my vision needs, and resulted in me having difficulty doing my job because I couldn't see clearly.



START - Anonymous Email Received From Hakim Optical January 18, 2016 at 2 PM


Dear Brian


Thank you for your email.


We at Hakim Optical have been providing spectacle lenses to the public for their individual needs based on prescriptions given by the optometrists and/ophthalmologists in accordance with guidlines and standards of practice given to us by provincial Colleges of Opticians.


All of our stores across Canada employ registered and licened opticians by the province they reside in.


When you order lenses, we customize them based on your prescription and the measurements that are taken by the licenced opticians to meet the guidlines of practice of the province which covers the specific store location.


At this point there is no reason to give you a refund, as these lenses are customized to your prescription and are not good to anyone else.


As mentioned before, there are many different well-known brands that Hakim Optical offers to its customers. That doesn't mean one is not good and the other is. Just like when you are shopping for cars, there are many different brands in the market such as Porsche, Ferrari, BMW, Mercedes, VW, Honda, Kia, Mustang, Lexus and so on. Consumers choose the car of their preferance. We offered you to choose a different well-known brand if you wished but you refused our offer.


However, we are prepared to make another concession and that is to offer you $600 worth of gift certificates that yourself, family or friends can use in the future.


We have heard that some people also put these gift certificates on line to sell them, you can do as you wish with these gift certificates.


These gift certificates must be used towards the purchase of eyeglasses or contact lenses and can not be used to redeem cash.


You can obtain the gift certificates at our High Gate location and use it at any other location you wish including other provinces that we have stores in.

The gift certificates can only be used once towards purchases.

Yours Sincerely.


Hakim Optical Management.


END - Anonymous Email Received From Hakim Optical January 18, 2016 at 2 PM

Hakim Optical Complaint Update

Posted March 16, 2016

TO:    Hakim Optical Management
Do what's right and refund an unsatisfied customer's money
Date: Feb. 23, 2016

Dear Bijan Minbashian, John Worden, Lukmanul Hakim, Sara Namaz,  Multiple Better Business Bureaus + CBC Fifth Estate investigative reports

You may remember that last month I informed you that Hakim Optical lenses didn't enable me to see clearly after several unsuccessful attempts to work with your Burnaby store manager to address this problem, and for this reason I demanded a full and immediate refund. You refused and offered me only a store credit which I find without value based on my very bad experience buying glasses from your company.

Hakim Optical Review: When Will Hakim Optical Do What's Right and Refund My Money? 
I will not stop seeking justice in the form of a full refund until you do what's right, and have published my latest Hakim Optical Review at http://www.jobprodirectory.com/My-Terrible-Experience-Buying-Glasses-From-Hakim-Optical.html to help others avoid my experience buying from Hakim Optical.

Google rates it as mobile device friendly and likely to appear in relevant search results. This is your opportunity to do the right thing and refund my $589.00 now. 

Best regards,
Brian Hauk

March 16, 2016 Update

Hakim Optical Review: When Will Hakim Optical Do What's Right and Refund My Money? 

March 16, 2016



Bijan Minbashian, Vice President, Operations

bijan.m@hakimoptical.ca customerservice@hakimoptical.ca


John Worden, Vice President Marketing



Lukmanul Hakim, Social Media



Sara Namaz, Regional Manager


Dear Karim Hakimi, Bijan Minbashian, John Worden and Sara Namaz
You may remember that two months I informed you that Hakim Optical lenses didn't enable me to see clearly after several unsuccessful attempts to work with your Burnaby store manager to address this problem, and for this reason I demanded a full and immediate refund. You refused and offered me only a store credit which I find without value based on my very bad experience buying glasses from your company.

Please see my latest update to http://www.jobprodirectory.com/My-Terrible-Experience-Buying-Glasses-From-Hakim-Optical.html and let me know your plans to do the right thing and refund my $589.00 today.


Brian Hauk, a strongly dissatisfied, very unimpressed new Hakim Optical customer in Burnaby BC determined to help you become better at meeting customer needs.

Hakim Optical Complaints

Does it matter where you buy glasses in Canada, or all optical suppliers the same? I hope not, based on my recent experience purchasing lenses and frames from Hakim Optical, owned by super rich Sir Karim Hakimi, who admits to "feeling a personal obligation to share his prosperity with others." Really?

This initially confidential Hakim Optical review and complaint was published Feb. 23, 2016 after Bijan Minbashian, John Worden, Sara Namaz and other Hakim Optical management refused to issue me a full refund for glasses I couldn't use.

Share this complaint to warn others about what can happen when you buy glasses from Hakim Optical.

Use the social sharing icons to share to Facebook, Twitter, email, etc. to get Hakim Optical's attention, and force them to do what's right and respect the needs of their customers.

Think of it, Hakim Optical loses as soon as the first person reading this decides to purchase their glasses elsewhere. Even for unethical companies focused entirely on maximizing profit (and we know many companies like this), doesn't it make the most business sense to do the right, ethical thing and refund a customer's money when they don't receive the product or service they paid for?

Apparently not at Hakim Optical.

April 20, 2016 Update

After five months of pressuring Hakim Optical to do the right thing and return my money, Hakim Optical founder and owner Sir Karim Hakimi today finally returned the full $589 he owed me. Why? To protect his brand and profits. He realized I was continuing to share my story with an increasing number of people and organizations, and wanted to silence me.

Another person even more influential in motivating him to do the right thing in this story was his daughter - who I contacted thinking she was a Hakim Optical employee based on her LinkedIn profile - and asked her to help me. She did, and contacted her father on my behalf.

I think Sir Karim Hakimi must have been embarassed to learn that his daughter knew about the business practices exposed in this story and wanted to show her he's not a bad guy. Thanks Soheila! I'm lucky to have received a full refund, but feel badly for less fortunate customers.

I don't believe Hakim Optical's approach to customer service and its valuing of customers has changed even a little based on Sir Karim Hakimi's reply to my refund request (see below) in which he completely refused to acknowledge the fact his company supplied me with ineffective lenses not enabling me to see clearly.

Bolstering this assertion is the nearly identical response I received from Hakim Optical's Bijan Minbashian, Operations Manager and John Worden, Vice President, Marketing telling me "there is no reason to give you a refund" when I informed them of my Hakim Optical complaint which clearly states several times that I used the same prescription to obtain proper lenses from another optical supplier after Hakim Optical failed to provide me with them.

That's why I believe Hakim Optical doesn't care about meeting customer needs or about providing its customers with quality glasses. They simply took my money and expected I'd do nothing to try to force them to refund it.

The following is Sir Karim Hakimi's response to me after his daughter Soheila contacted him regarding my terrible experience as a new Hakim Optical customer:

Dear Brian, I will be glad to refund your money but for you to know our business is like a pharmacy. We fill prescriptions as it is written. If you are not satisfied with the clarity of your vision then it may be a medical problem or it needs to be examined by another examiner to get a second opinion. Even though it costs a lot of time, labour and material to make your glasses we are going to refund your money just to keep a satisfied customer and I am looking forward to have a better business in the future.
Sincere regards, Sir K. Hakimi
April 4, 2016 Update

The Consumer complaint website pissedconsumer.com today published My Hakim Optical complaint, and it's already been viewed by 32 people who will likely never again buy glasses from Hakim Optical.

April 1, 2016 Update

The Better Business Bureau of Mainland British Columbia today informed me that Hakim Optical Burnaby refused to respond to my demand for a full refund after providing me with defective glasses. They are sharing my Hakim Optical complaint with website visitors and have awarded this Burnaby Hakim Optical store a 'D+' rating based on 13 factors.

Stay tuned for more Hakim Optical story updates

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